Find Your Siren Type

If You Are a Competitor Siren, You:

  • Are more comfortable around men than women
  • Are a highly competitive and energetic person
  • Rarely cry and would rather get a good night's sleep than discuss your feelings
  • Approach sex in a casual manner without guilt

As a Companion Siren, You:

  • Are a good judge of character
  • Are an optimist
  • Enjoy entertaining and being around people
  • Want to share the spotlight, not steal it

You Might Consider Yourself
a Mother Siren if You:

  • Can intuit the needs of your man even before he knows what they are
  • Run the show—behind the scenes
  • Are interested in the domestic arts
  • Are a problem solver and remain calm in chaotic situations

You May Be a Goddess Siren if You:

  • Prefer silence to chitchat
  • Hate the thought of group activities
  • Are moody and expect people to wait on you
  • Always hold yourself somewhat apart in a relationship

If You Are a Sex Kitten, You:

  • Dress to play up your womanly attributes
  • Would rather a man found you sexy than intelligent
  • Are often viewed as naïve
  • Are openly sexual, ultra-feminine, and very touchy-feely