About the Author: Ellen T. White

Ellen T. White first encountered the heady power of being a Siren at the age of 17, when two men spent the night in jail after publicly brawling over the right to take her home. She has since made a systematic study of the sirens among her family, friends, and the seductive women of history for the secrets of their success, which she has distilled into Simply Irresistible.

To support her magnificent obsession, she works as managing editor of The New York Public Library, and has also done stints as a theater critic for The New Haven Register, and a cultural writer and editor for a number of magazines.

For her own amusement, she founded an “underground” comic newsletter for “the ironic and the unattached” some years ago, called The Solo Report. According to her own theory of archetypes outlined in Simply Irresistible, she is a Companion Siren, with Competitor undertones. She lives in New York City and The Springs, East Hampton, NY.

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